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Filipa Bernardo fotógrafa profissional photographer portugal

Filipa Bernardo

Photographer & visual storyteller

Originally, I have studied humanities (History as a bachelor’s degree and Journalism as masters) and then I found in photography a means of expression, a way of being creative, a language more universal than words. It was on the Professional Course of Photography in The Portuguese Institute of Photography where I developed practical and theoretical knowledge in all photography genders. From there I went to the newsrooms. In a photography studio everything is controlled, the set, the light, the subject, to me the true challenge was photographing outside in a space where nothing is under our control, where people do not want to be photographed and five minutes is all we got for making a portrait, where nothing occurs like expected, with the worst light possible, with a crowd behind, with no photographic manipulation. If we knew how to photograph, under those circumstances, we reach a new level as a photographer, a hold of the camera and the light, like they were an extension of ourselves. Those are the lessons of photojournalism I hold on and transpose to every photographic work I do. Although as a true perfectionist I am apologetic of good planning.

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Visual Storytelling

I cannot comprehend photography as something that, with the exact same methodology, you are able to reach equal results no matter the countless variables, even if those results are satisfying. Photography is not static, it evolves, with the appearance of new techniques, new equipment. Evolves with the photographer himself, the readings, what he sees and feels. Quoting Imogen Cunningham “Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow”. The interesting part of photography is exactly that, the constant overcoming, even in a world saturated by images is possible to aim to do better and different.

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