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Djamila Pereira de Almeida

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And many art forms

There are two types of persons, the visuals and the not visuals. The visual people face the world, naturally, in a visual way. Everything is images. Many times, invisible to the eyes of others. Photographs are images and first of all a mind’s product. I am a photographer with or without my camera. A camera is only an object that allows freezing images. Although almost everyone can take photographs, not all can build a photograph in its essence.

See beyond the obvious

"If you can look, see. If you can see, notice." José Saramago


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Filipa Bernardo fotógrafa profissional photographer portugal

Filipa Bernardo

Behind The Lens

We are what we see

I aim to construct images with an aesthetic sense, appealing. Still, never far from reality, the reality in which the photograph emerges.

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